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what are the basic commands of autocad?

Here are some basic commands of autocad to help you start learning autocad.

LINE: Draws straight lines between two points
Command: LINE (enter)
From Point: (pick a point using the mouse)
To Point: (Pick a point using the mouse)
To Point: (Press return to end the command)

CIRCLE: Draws circles of any size.
Command: Circle (enter)
3P/2P/TTR/<center point>: (pick a center point)
Diameter or <Radius>: (Pick a point on the circle)

ARC: Draws an arc (any part of a circle or curve) through three known points.
Command: ARC (enter)
Center/ < Start point > : (pick the first point on the arc)
Center/End/ < Second point > : C
Center: (pick the arc's center point)
Angle/Length of chord/ <End point > : (pick the arc endpoint)

LIMITS: Sets the size of the drawing paper. For size "A" drawing paper the limits should be set for 10.5 x 8.
Command: LIMITS (enter)
On/Off/Lower left corner <0.0000> (enter)
Upper right corner: 10.5,8 (enter

ZOOM: Enlarges or reduces the display of a drawing.
Command: ZOOM (enter)
(pick a point to define one corner of a rectangular viewing window then pick a point to define the second point to define the opposite diagonal corner of the viewing window)
Note: To return the picture to its original viewing size enter ALL and press the enter key when prompted instead of defining a window.

PAN: Allows you to move your view point around the drawing without changing the magnification factor.
Command: PAN (enter)

CHANGE: Alters properties of selected objects
Command: CHANGE (enter)
Select objects or window or Last (select objects to be changed)
Properties/<Change point>: (type P)
Change what property (Color/Elev/LAyer/LType/Thickness)? (type Layer)
New Layer: (enter new layer name and press enter)

ERASE: Erases entities from the drawing.
Command: ERASE (enter)
Select objects or Window or Last: (Select objects to be erased and press enter when finished)

EXTEND: Lengthens a line to end precisely at a boundary edge.
Command: Extend (enter)
Select boundary edge(s)...
Select Objects (pick the line which represents the boundary edge which lines will be
extended to)
(press enter when finished selecting cutting edges)
<Select object to extend>/Undo: (pick the line(s) that need to be extended

TRIM: Trims a line to end precisely at a cutting edge.
Command: Trim (enter)
Select cutting edge(s)...
Select Objects (pick the line which represents the cutting edge of line in which objects will be trimmed to)
(press enter when finished selecting cutting edges)
<Select object to trim>/Undo: (pick the line(s) that need to be trimmed)
LAYER: Creates named drawing layers and assigns color and linetype properties to those layers.
Command: LAYER (enter)
A Layer & Linetype Properties dialog box will be displayed. To add a new layer, pick the New button. A new layer listing appears, using a default name of Layer1. the layer name can be changed by highlighting the layer name. Colors and Linetypes can be assigned to each new layer by picking the color box to assign a color and picking the linetype box to assign a line type.

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