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Introduction to Nodes, Beams, and Plates in STAAD.Pro?

Node : Node in STAAD Pro means; Stiffed joint with 6 reactions. It is located at each end of Beam, and each corner of Plate. Nodes considered the essence of the Geometry of any structure in STAAD Pro. Each Node will hold the following information:

  •  Node Number.
  •  Node Coordinate in XYZ space. 
Beam : Beam in STAAD Pro means; any member in the structure.It can be beam, column, bracing member, or truss member. Beams are actually defined based on the Nodes at their ends. Each Beam will hold the following information:
  • Beam Number.
  • The Node numbers at its ends. 
Node # 1 Coordinate is 0,0,0
Node # 2 Coordinate is 0,2,0 
Node # 3 Coordinate is 2,2,0
Node # 4 Coordinate is 2,0,0 
Beam # 1 Between Node 1 and 2
Beam # 2 Between Node 2 and 3 
Beam # 3 Between Node 3 and 4
Note : Z coordinate in all coordinates is 0; hence this structure lies in the X-Y plane. See the figure below.
Plate : Plate in STAAD means; a thin shell with multi-nodded shape starting from 3 nodes, and more. It can be anything of slab, wall, or raft foundation. 
Each Plate will hold the following information:
  • Plate Number.
  • Node Numbers at each corner of it. 
Node # 3 Coordinate is 0,2,0
Node # 4 Coordinate is 2,2,0 
Node # 8 Coordinate is 2,2,2
Node # 7 Coordinate is 0,2,2 
Plate # 9 Between Nodes 3, 4, 8, 7
Note : Y-coordinate is the above four Nodes is constant (namely; 2), and X, and Z is variable, hence the plate is located in the X-Z plane. 

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