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What are the shortcuts of commands in Autocad?

Here are short cut keys for commands in autocad. enjoy the faster cad.
A          ARC                 Draw an arc
AL        ALIGN               Align an object with another
AP       APPLOAD        Opens application load dialogue box
AR       ARRAY             Opens array dialogue box
AUDIT  AUDIT               Audit drawing for errors
AV       DSVIEWER       Opens ariel view of drawing
B          BLOCK             Opens block dialogue box
C          CIRCLE Draw a circle
CO       COPY               Copy an object
CHA     CHAMFER        Chamfer between 2 non-parallel lines
COL     COLOR             Opens select color dialogue box
D         DIMSTYLE        Opens dimstyle manager
DC       ADCENTER      Opens designcenter
DI         DIST                 Check a distance
DIV      DIVIDE             Inserts point node a set division
DO       DONUT             Draw a solid donut shape
DV       DVIEW             Perspective view
E          ERASE             Erase a selection
EX       EXTEND           Extend a selection
F          FILLET              Draw an arc between 2 intersecting lines
FI         FILTER             Opens filter dialogue box
FLATTEN                      Converts 3D to 2D
G         GROUP            Launches the group dialogue box
H          HATCH             Opens hatch and gradient dialogue box
I           INSERT Insert a block
IM        IMAGE              Launches image manager
J          JOIN                 Joins 2 objects to form single object
JPGOUT                       Creates a JPEG file of current drawing
L          LINE                 Draw a line
LA        LAYER             Opens layer manager
LE        QLEADER        Draw a leader line (may need to adjust settings)
LEAD   LEADER           Leader line with annotation
LI/LS    LIST                  Display information about objects in a text window
LO        -LAYOUT          Creates a new layout tab
LTS      LTScale            Change the linetype scale
M         MOVE              Move a selection
MA       MATCHPROPERTIES    Match properties of an object
ME       MEASURE        Inserts point node at input distance
O         OFFSET           Offset a selection
OP       OPTIONS          Launches options dialogue box
P          PAN                 Pan in drawing
PE       POLYEDIT        Edit a polyline
PL        PLINE               Draw a polyline
PLOT    PLOT                Opens plot/print dialogue box
PO       POINT               Point marker or node - DDPTYPE to change pointstyle
PR       PROPERTIES   Opens properties dialogue box
PRE     PREVIEW         Preview a plot
PU       PURGE             Opens purge dialogue box to remove unused elements
RE       REGEN             Regenerate the display
REC     RECTANG         Draw a rectangle
REN     RENAME          Opens rename dialogue box to rename blocks, layers, etc
RO       ROTATE           Rotate a selection
SP       SPELL              Spell check a selection - ALL to check entire drawing
T          MTEXT             Insert multiline text
TB        TABLE              Opens insert a table dialogue box
TP        TOOLPALETTES           Displays toolpalette
TR        TRIM                 Trim a selection
U          UNDO               Undo last command
UN       UNITS               Opens units dialogue box
V          VIEW                Opens view dialogue box
W         WBLOCK          Write a block
WHOHAS                     Displays who has a drawing open
X          EXPLODE        Explode a selection
XR       XREF               Opens x-reference manager
Z          ZOOM              Zoom in display - A=All, E=EXTENTS, W =WINDOW

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