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Tip me a Tea!


As you are here, i guess you are interested in giving me tip or wondering what this page is all about. To give the answer to both the questions, let me explain you what is this all about.

Tip means "a sum of money given to someone as a reward for a service."

We are continuously working on finding the best or most common questions of your's which consumes time say from 5 min to 30 min or more, from our answers you are saving your time from next time when you use these software/commands/methods. So, as per give and take (Win-Win) principle, we think you should support us, or say, keep us awake with donation of a tea (Just 10 Rs.) to help you more and more. 

If you feel so, Paytm us the the tips to +91-9638985098. Below is the method to do this:

Method 1:

1. Scan this QR code.
2. Pay. 

Or you can use method 2. 

Method 2:

1. Open Paytm app or Paytm Wallet app.
2. Click on pay or send button.

3. Click on mobile no.

4. Write our mobile no. 9638985098 in mobile number input area,
5. Write the tip amount you want to tip.
6. In what is it for space, write the message you want to convey us with the tip.

7. press send, if it shows Insufficient Balance, press add and pay.
8. Its Done. Thanks for encouraging us.

For example of how to do it, watch out this video.

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Vote of thanks to the people who gave a cup of tea:
1. Tarun N. Kishnani.

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