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what are the shortcuts in 3ds Max?

Some of the shortcuts for 3ds Max, which can save your time of finding options. General User Interface New scene: CTRL+N Help: F1 Shade Selected Faces (Toggle on/off): F2 Wireframe/Smooth & Highlights (toggle view): F3 View Edged Faces(toggle on/off): F4 Selection Lock(toggle on/off): Space Select(and cycle through Selection Region types): Q Add to Selection: CTRL+LMB Remove from Selection: ALT+LMB Move: W Rotate: E Scale(and cycle through scale types): R or CTRL+E Top View: T Bottom View: B Left View: L Front View: F Isometric User View: U Perspective User View: P Camera View: C Spot/Directional Light View: Shift+4 color=orange]Hide Grids(toggle on/off): G Snaps(toggle on/off): S Angle Snap(toggle on/off): A Percent Snap(toggle on/off): CTRL+SHIFT+P Create Camera From (Perspective) View: CTRL+C Restrict Movement Along Specific Axis: F5-F7 Restrict Plane Cycle: F8 Render Last: F9 Quick Render: SHIFT+Q Rende