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How to renumber Nodes in STAAD.Pro?

When we model the structure, the nodes, and elements gets a numerical identity. If these numbers are in sequence, it can be lot easier to find the members faster result interpretation can be done. Speed of work can be increased if we know that the elements are numbered in sequential order.
Here is a way to do so :

For numbering nodes floor wise as shown below.

  1. Select all nodes of structure.
  2. Go to geometry → renumber → node.
  3. Press yes to the window that asks for confirmation.
  4. Give first number from where you want to start your numbering of nodes.
  5. Select available sort criteria in following sequence.
      • Y co-ordinate 
      • Z co-ordinate 
      • X co-ordinate
  1. Click Accept. 
  2. You have done it. 
  3. If you want numbers in vertical sequence interchange x and z coordinate.
  4. Enjoy STAAD.Pro
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Unknown said…
why we have to follow particular sequence of X Y Z ? is there any advantage for it.
vijay solanki said…
Renumber and see the base layout. You can get reactions sequentially this way. A comman way of working can be established this way.
Unknown said…
is there any key board short-cut to renumber the beams or nodes apart from going all the way geometry and follow the process?
vijay solanki said…
Yes, you can make a vb button for the same if you know programming language.
Manan said…
Thanks for sharing.