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How to extract reinforcement percentage from ETABS?

We can see reinforcement percentage requirement of columns and beams in ETABS. Many a times we want to get a summary of concrete design results, we do this by copying the table from display menu and pasting the same in Excel. Some of our smart colleague use Microsoft access for the same.

The results summery are being shown something like as shown below. This result does not show reinforcement percentage required for the columns.

Now the question is how to get the result where we can find reinforcement percentage requirement of columns? What if we can get result summery something like below?

That is a better way of presenting the results. You can do so. Just follow some simple steps shown below.
1. Run your model and do concrete design.

2. God to file → print tables → concrete frame design.

3. Select output summery and rtf format and press OK.

4. Save file and open the same. You will find a table showing the result format you wanted.
5. Copy the table and paste in excel and do the manipulation you want.
6. Enjoy ETABS.

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Unknown said…
Great Work Vijju
vijay solanki said…
thanks bhai. please suggest topics. so that i can update the same.