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How to find the mass of reinforcing bar quickly?

Simple way to find the weight of reinforcing bar:

The density of steel is 7850 kg/m³. Now let say you want weight per m. then what will be the formulation? Check this out.
7850(kg/m³) x [pi()/4 x d² ](m²)= mass of the bar per m.        (eq. 1)
Now resolving this we get 7850 x pi()/4 = 6165.375 right?  Putting this into eq. 1

                        6165.375 (kg/m³) x d² (m²) = mass per m.                                          (eq. 2) 

What can be bar diameter? Let say 10mm, 12mm. . . we are used to mm format bar diameters, right? So, let us make formulation to eq. 2 for inputting bar dia as mm. 

            1m = 1000mm. => 6165.375 x 10^-6 =  1/162.196

Hence, mass per m of bar = d² (mm²)/162.196.

Now if you want to get mass per feet, then use this relation 1m = 3.281 feet 

Therefore mass of bar per feet = d² (mm²)/(162.196 x 3.281) = d² (mm²)/532.139.

So now onwards, please don’t bother to use d²/162.2 for finding mass of reinforcement. Enjoy.

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