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How to change default design codes in STAAD.Pro?

Many a times we start modeling in STAAD and then see input file, oops the member property are shown as American or of some other country.

Why didn’t it is Indian as I am in India and designing as per Indian codes? For that, you have to make default design codes preferences to Indian. Follow the following method to do so. 

1. Click on configuration in main STAAD window.

2. Open STAAD default design codes tab.

3. As you can see the default codes are American.

4. change them to Indian. 

5. Enjoy.

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Unknown said…
Can we change the code during design process?I mean after we get through the main Staad window. Thnx.
vijay solanki said…
Yes you can. When you start design, you will get a drop down menu at right side's secondary window. Change the code as per your requirement.
Devinder Kumar said…
Sir, while defining Seismic forces, the software is not generating the IS:1893 Parameters.
It is showing "Creation Failed".
Please Help.