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A Program to extract Column Design Results from STAAD.Pro ANL File.

STAAD Pro is a great analysis and design software. It gives us concrete design results in output file. the navigation in the output file is so tedious that we usually like graphical/tabular results than navigating to output file. It does not give comprehensive beam design result output directly to excel either. But, there is no stop to anything in this technologically advanced world.

We have prepared a program that extracts the column design results from STAAD ANL files and puts the data in a specific format that you can use easily for detailing of columns. It's fast and easy and economical too. 

here is a video showing how to use it.

Please find here the demo version of beam and column design results extractor:

BDR/CDR extractor

For buying it, kindly contact us @ or whatsapp us at +91-9925015825

Hope you find it useful. Comment if you have doubts or suggestions. Like, tweet and + post if you find it useful. follow us to get more.

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atul said…
Have you got file to extract steel design results?