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How to fill out the cells with the value of cell above in excel?

Sometimes, a quick tip saves so much time that we feel amazed. This is such one tip to save your hours in the future work. Selecting blank cells and adding value to is a repetitive work, and, if we can make this repetitive work a one time work, the time of all the clicks for repetition can be saved. But the question is how to do that? here is a way.

Here, we will be filling blank cells with the value of non blank cell above. That means each blank cell will be filled by the non blank cell value of above cell encountered first.

1. Select the column in which you want to fill the blank cells. 
2. go to home -- Find and select -- Go to special. 

3. Select blanks and press OK.

4. press "=" followed by upper arrow to add the formulae that write the value of above cell. 

5. Press "CTRL+Enter" instead of only Enter. 

6. Bingo, you have done it. 

Watch out the video and learn to fill blank cells faster than never before.

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