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How to load add-ins and make a customised ribbon button for it?


Add-ins are the custom functions/commands/formulae or macros stored in an external file which can be used in any excel file to increase productivity.

In order to use Add-Ins, you should be allowing the add ins. to do that follow this steps.

1. Go to file -- options -- Trust Center -- Open trust center settings.


2. Go to Add-Ins tab -- Un-check all the tick marks of disabling add ins. If you want Add-Ins to be signed by trusted Publisher, check first option ticked.

3. Press OK. 

Now, to add the Add-Ins Follow these steps. 

1. Go to File-- Options -- Add-Ins -- Manage -- click on "Excel Add-Ins" -- press Go. 

2. You will be directed to Add-Ins already present, in order to add new ones, press "browse" button.

3. Excel add in folder opens. Paste your Add-Ins here. and select the one that you want to add followed by OK. you will be redirected back to present add-Ins. press OK again. 
4. Add-Ins are added. 

To create a Customised Ribbon button for the Add-In that you just added follow these steps:

1. Go to File -- Options -- Customize Ribbon.

2. you can see to columns, column in the left shows all the commands, column in the right the Ribbon Tabs. Add new group in the Ribbon tab where you want your Add-Ins to be placed. select that group (the group label will be backed by a blue colour). 

3. There is a drop down menu in the left column side below "Choose command from", open that drop down menu and select Macros.

4. Select the macro you want to add and press the Add button shown in the middle.
5. you Add-In is being shown below that new group tab. you have successfully added the Add-In. 

Here is the video showing the procedure for the loading of add-ins provided by us. The method can be used to add any add-ins. Load the add-ins and enjoy the best of customised excel the way you wanted. The video shows how to add Add-In to quick access toolbar.

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