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How to make DXF in Autocad and import DXF layout in STAAD.Pro?

Creating a centerline drawing from a beam column layout and exporting it as DXF will help it to be imported in STAAD.Pro. You can create the centerline the way you want, but here we have shown a method which is a quicker one we feel. The ultimate choice is with you about how to make it.

Here is a quick way.

1. Create 4 lines at two opposite corners.
2. Use fillet multiple to join them. you have made the bounding box.
3. Create lines in center where the beams will be coming.
4. extend them to the bounding box. Your DXF is ready.
5. select all the centerlines you just created and move them with upper left corner to 0,0,0.
6. Now, if your STAAD.Pro units are different than the CAD, scale your centerline drawing to the           appropriate scale factor.
7. write down "DXFOUT" command in command line. A saving window pops up. Select the location     where you want to save your DXF.
8. Go to tools -- ooptions -- DXF outions -- Check mark select object and chaneg 16 to 3 or the level       of accuracy you desire.
9. Select the centerline you have made and press enter.
10. your DXF is Ready.

watch out this video to know how to make that.

To know how to import the DXF in STAAD.Pro. follow this procedure.

1. Go to File -- Import -- 3D DXF and press OK.
2. select the DXF you just made.
3. In Structure convention Select Y up and press OK.
4. Select the unit which you want to use in STAAD Pro.
5.It will read the DXF file and your file is imported. Save the model and Done.

Watch this video to see how to do it.

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