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How to use Vlookup in MS Excel?

Hi friends,

Let us learn about Vlookup function of MS Excel. If, you have a big table and you dont want to drag your mouse each and every time you need some value from that table, you can use Lookup or Vlookup or Hlookup.  These are some of the best techniques of data extraction from tables. 

Vlookup is used to extract data from a table, follow these steps to use it.

1. Arrange your table such that the data you know is at left and the data you want to extract is at right side of the table.
2. Go to function, write down Vlookup to find the function. (If you are familiar with cell input and logic, directly type in a cell starting with "=" mark)

3. In the Lookup value entry, select the value you want to lookup in the array. 

4. In table array, select the table from which you want to extract results.

5. In column index_num, select the number of column starting from left from which you want to extract the results. i.e. parent value will be in the leftmost column, result value will be in the column you have entered in column index_num. 

6. In Range_lookup, you can type true or false or you can omit it. If you want to match exact value from lookup value, you have to write "False", if you want to look near most value in lookup value, you can ommit or type "TRUE". In order to check near most value, your lookup values needs to be in ascending order. 

7. Press OK, before you press OK, look at the value below the range lookup after "=". It is the result you got. If it is showing the right result, Bingo,you have used the function right. Else check the results are in ascending order or not?

For example, watch this video to know how to do it. 

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