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How to start a new model in STAAD.Pro?

Modeling is the heart of structural design in STAAD Pro. If you have done the modelling right, half the road is travelled. Let us learn how to do modelling in STAAD Pro.

Let’s first learn how to create a 3D Space frame Model.
For creating a new model, open STAAD Pro and Select “New Project”.

A new model window pops up, Select space in type, Give your structure a name, brows location where you want to save this structure ( try to have a separate folder for structure, as there will be lots of files prepared along with STAAD Pro. model file). Select length units, force units and press next.

Once you press next, types of options by which you can model a structure window opens. Select each type and you can see description of that type of modelling method. Let us learn one by one.

1. Add beam: Description says “Begin building your model by creating new joints and beams using the construction grid, drawing tools and spreadsheets.”

Once you press finish, it takes you to the snap beam mode. Where you can set grids and draw beams at intersections of the grid lines. Here are the options of snap beam grid window. All the options of the snap beam window are explained in separate tiny topic.

Snap to the grid intersections and start modeling your structure. Make sure the grid is in the plan you want to model your structure in. Once, finished with modeling, press close to close the grid lines. You can reopen grid from Geometry – Snap/Grid Node – Beam. (You can also snap/grid plates and solid.)

2. Add Plate: Same as Beam.

3. Add Solid: Same as beam

4. Open Structure Wizard: Description says “Begin building your model by using standard, parametric structural templates for trusses, surfaces, bay frames and much more.”

One you finish, it will direct to the structural wizard window. Here you can find many predefined structural template files from which you can change parameters and make one of yours. You can save changed model as a new template file for your future use by save as that file. More on structure wizard can be found in separate tiny topic.

Select model type and sub type.

Change the parameters as per your requirement and press apply.

You can see your model. If you are not satisfied with it, repeat above process.

Now that your model is ready in structure wizard, merge it with the STAAD Pro. model by going to File – Merge Model with STAAD Pro. model.

5. Open STAAD Editor: If you are fully conversant with STAAD Pro. editor, you can use this method to model. Definition says “Begin building your model using STAAD syntax commands (non-graphical interface) through the STAAD editor”.

6. Open building planner mode: This is the new mode created in STAAD Pro. SS6. It’s one sub part STAAD Pro. so, we will learn it in some other topics. Its definition says “Begin building your model using Building Mode (graphical interface).”

7. Edit job Information: if you don’t want to directly start modeling but want to add information about the project first, you have to choose this mode. It will direct you to job information edit window where you can place all the information and comments regarding the model.

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