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What is STAAD.Pro?

The year was 1997, REI (Research engineers international) developed a structural analysis and design computer program. The place was Yorba Linda, CA a suburban city in orange county, California. The program named as STAAD – III. The program initially used by Iowa State University for educational purposes. The first version of STAAD III was made in 1978.

The initial program start with selecting printer selection where you want to print the output. Once you select the printer you had to log out and log in again to select other printer. These were the days of starting computer era. Once you have completed printer selection you will be at the GUI of STAAD III. It was looking like this:
Courtesy: Iowa State University
Basic information about STAAD III was given like “"STAAD_III for Windows / Windows NT is a comprehensive structural engineering software that addresses all aspects of structural engineering -model development analysis, design, verification, and visualisation. STAAD-III for Windows / Windows NT is based on the principles of "concurrent engineering". You can build your model, verify it graphically, perform analysis and design, review the results, sort and search the data to create a report -– all within the same graphics based environment."

"Following are the main options available from the Concurrent Graphics Environment:
STAAD-III Analysis and Design
STAAD-PRE Graphical Input Generation
STAAD-POST Graphical Post-Processing"

In late 2005, REI was bought by Bentley systems. Since then, STAAD has gone through Leap advancement. The versions released so far after STAAD III are as below:
  • STAAD. suite 2001
  • STAAD.Pro 2003 2nd Edition, along with a structural toolkit consisting of 26 modularized design programs, Sectionwizard, a section property calculator and, a new and revolutionary product capable of analysing and designing mat foundations, pile caps, slabs on grade and isolated and combined footings.
  • STAAD.Pro 2004: STAAD-III, the world's most powerful and popular structural analysis and design software was in use across the globe since 1980. In 2004, it was available in the form of STAAD.Pro which consists of STAAD + STARDYNE +FEM kit + Visual Draw.
  • STAAD.Pro 2005
  • STAAD.Pro 2006 build version 1001, 1002 and 1004
  • STAAD.Pro 2007 build 01, 02 and 03
  • STAAD.Pro V8i and build 05
  • STAAD.Pro V8i Select series 1 to 6. 
Select series 6 is the latest current version being used. 

Hello friends, here you are reading what is STAAD.Pro? STAAD stands for “Structural analysis and design”. 

STAAD.Pro is a general purpose structural analysis and design software. It can be used for analysis and design of almost any kind of structure. The program consists of :
  • Graphical model generation utility as well as text editor for creating a mathematical model. 
  • Analysis engine which can do linear elastic analysis, P-Delta analysis, FEM analysis, Frequency extraction, Response spectrum analysis, Time history analysis, Steady state analysis etc. 
  • Design engine for code checking and optimization of steel members, reinforcement calculations for RC members, and design of shear and moment connections.
  • Peripheral applications to link with other software. STAAD.Pro has interoperability with RAM connections, STAAD Foundations, Bentley Auto pipe, Pro structure, CIS/2, CAD Dxf.
  • A library of exposed functions called OPENSTAAD which allows you to create custom applications which can use STAAD routines. 
STAAD.Pro can be used to analyze and design four basic materials viz. Steel, Concrete, Aluminum, and Timber. Other material can be analysed by inputting its material properties. STAAD.Pro has section designer in which you can get structural/geometrical properties of almost any shape. STAAD.Pro can automatically calculate forces caused by Wind, earth quake, snow, or vehicle. 

Watch this video to know more:

So, now that you have known STAAD.Pro let us learn more about STAAD Pro. Click here.