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What to do when your DTH show "No Signal"?

For the last 15 days, There was "No signal" message on many of the Tatasky channels. Frankly speaking, pathetic service by customer care. Finally, today a technician came with Digital signal finder and two spanners. Saw the signal, went up to the disk, opened some bolts and set signal tester between lines and saw signal quality and set disk such that signal quality sets above 75. Done, they took 200/- for this 5 minute solution.  

An idea stuck to my mind, why to pay every time when we get "No Signal"? let us set a method in which way you yourself can solve the "No Signal" problem.

These are the indications that you have to realign the disk. 
1. "No Signal" message. 
2. Check out signal quality if you find the above shown "No Signal" message.
If your signal quality is less than 75, you are in need of realignment of disk. Thing you need for realignment are:
If you have not these things, click on the links, and you can buy them easily from Amazon. It won't cost you as much as the technician demand per visit basis. Once you have these things, Go to top where the disk is places. and follow as mentioned below. 
  • Fit the Digital Signal Finder between Dick output and TV cable. 
  • See the signal quality, If it is below 75. adjust the dick by opening backside bolt and realigning the disk. 
The three bolt which fix the horizontal alignment.
Open these three bolts. 
Once the bolts are loosen, align the disk. 
  • Once the Digital signal finder show quality above 75, check the TV. If problem solved subscribe to our newsletter else try aligning and getting better signal. If this doesn't solve the problem, re fix the bolts and call customer care. 


Unknown said…
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Deemseen said…
Thank you very much, i had the same problem with mytatasky connection. but solved now.