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How to add snippets in STAAD.Pro?

Code snippets are short sections which you commonly need to insert into different input files in STAAD.Pro. Saving this code as a separate snippet allows you to easily access these portions of predefined code. To Insert a Code Snippet Place your cursor at the point you want to insert a code snippet. Right-click and select  Insert Snippet  from the pop-up menu.  The inline snippet tool opens. Either: Use the arrow keys or mouse to select the name of the snippet you want to insert. Tip:  If you have organized snippet files into multiple folders, select the folder first. or Start typing to select the snippet by the Shortcut string in the snippet file. Double-click with the mouse, press  , or press   to select and place the snippet.  The text is inserted.  To get snippet files, follow our subscrription list. We will be launching snippets in the upcoming posts. Build Your Own Website 100+ templates, customize and go live!