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A guide to structural load calculations - 1: Dead Load

How a structure is designed? Loads are assessed: basic loads are defined as which loads will be coming on the structure. Structure is analyzed upon applying these loads and combination of it. Structure is designed for the results of analysis. Structure is designed to withstand the stresses caused by these forces and its combinations. Structure is designed for the shear force and bending moments found through analysis done based on these load cases and combination. In this article, let us learn the first part of structure design, how to assess the load. How to know as to which load will be coming on the structure in its life span. Load: every object in universe have some mass, this mass when multiplied with gravity exerts some weight. This weights are creating pressure on the structure they are resting on. These are called loads. Types of loads: Dead Load: Self weight of the structure. It can be find by density x volume of the member. Every country has defined densities of