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Chequered plate weight calculation guide

Chequered plates are steel flooring used in industrial structures. Normally the maximum spacing of chequered plates are between 1 metre to 1.2 metre. 

Chequered plate thickness is measured excluding the chequeres. That is to say 6mm thick chequred plate means 6 thick plate with chequres above it. Hence the weight of chequred plate comes higher as compared to plain plates. Weight of chequeres are approximately 6.1 kg/m² over and above the plate weight. 

Dead weight of chequered plates are as below. 
  1. 5mm thick chequred plate weight = 45.35 kg/m²
  2. 6mm thick chequred plate weight = 53.2 kg/m²
  3. 7mm thick chequred plate weight = 61.05 kg/m²
  4. 8mm thick chequred plate weight = 68.9 kg/m²
  5. 10mm thick chequred plate weight = 84.6 kg/m²
  6. 12mm thick chequred plate weight = 100.3 kg/m²
Weight of chequered plate (kg/m²)= thickness (m) x 7.85 (kg/m³) + 6.1

If you want to find weight of total plate to be used in project, then

Total weight of chequered plate (kg) = Length (m) x Width (m) x (Thickness (m) x 7.85 (kg/m³) + 6.1(kg/m²)) 


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