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Difference between Lap Length and Development Length

Difference between Lap Length and Development Length  is as below

Lap Length - Lap length is provided to safely transfer load of one reinforcement to another. Lap length is provided such that load is taken by the lap sufficiently enough that no bars lapped fails. 

As reinforcement is available in max. length of approx. 11m, there comes the need of lapping of  reinforcement in structural members. 

Lap length is to be given as per SP-16. Lap length is different for tension bars as well as compression bard. 

Development Length - Development Length or anchorage length is provided to transfer the load from reinforcement to concrete safely. 

As per IS 456:2000, the calculated tension or compression in any reinforcement at any section needs to be safely transferred to concrete by anchorage So that the member should not be come away from the support.

Anchorage length needs to be provided at all the supports.