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What are the shortcuts in MS PowerPoint?

Here are some shortcuts which can help you make your presentation a little bit faster.
F6        : Move clockwise among panes in Normal view. Shift + F6       : Move counterclockwise among panes in Normal view. CTRL+SHIFT+TAB            : Switch between Slides and Outline tabs in the Outline and Slides pane in Normal view. ALT+SHIFT+LEFT ARROW       : Promote a paragraph. ALT+SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW     : Demote a paragraph. ALT+SHIFT+UP ARROW : Move selected paragraphs up. ALT+SHIFT+DOWN ARROW     : Move selected paragraphs down. ALT+SHIFT+1         : Show heading level 1. ALT+SHIFT+ +        : Expand text below a heading. ALT+SHIFT + -        : Collapse text below a heading. CTRL+SHIFT+C     : Copy formatting only. CTRL+SHIFT+V     : Paste formatting only. CTRL+ALT+V         : Paste special. CTRL+SHIFT+F      : Open the Font dialog box to change the font. CTRL+SHIFT+P      : Open the Font dialog box to change the font size. CTRL+SHIFT+>      : Increase the font size. CTRL+SHIFT+<      : Decrease the…