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How to program Tatasky remote to work for TV?

Now you don't need to have two remotes to operate TV and Tata sky. To make Tata Sky remote work for your TV, just press univ button on your Tata Sky remote and use it as a TV remote.Functions that can be used with tatasky remote includes on/off, mute, volume and input mode. To program Tata sky remote to work for TV, follow the following steps. 1. Press and hold select+2 button on Tatasky remote until LED blinks twice. Your Tatasky remote is now on learning mode. 2. Put Tatasky remote and TV remote 5cm apart and in front of each other such that LED of both the remote face each other. 3. Press Volume+ button in Tatasky remote, then on TV remote. Tatasky remote will blink twice.  4. Your volume+ key is programmed. Repeat step 3 for all the other keys viz. Volume-, power,mute,source buttons. 5. Press select button to come out of learning mode. Enjoy.