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Full list of shortcuts in STAAD.Pro.

Shortcuts gives you speed. Here are some of the shortcuts to help you work faster in STAAD Pro. Up  and down arrow : rotate model about X axis. Left and right arrow : rotate model about global Y axis. Ctrl + up or down arrow : rotate about global Z axis Ctrl + F4 : close the current active view. F4  : opens the orientation dialogue box, which is used to precisely control the zoom and rotation of the active view. F5 : refresh the active view Shift + F4 : tile windows horizontally Shift + F5 : cascade Windows Ctrl + Shift + F4 : tile windows vertically Shift + A : display beam specification Shift + B : display beam no. Shift + C : display solid no. Shift + D : display dimension Shift + E : display beam ends, colour coded for start and end Shift + F : display floor loading Shift + G : display diagram information Shift + H : display wind load tributary area Shift + I : display axis at origin Shift + J : display the entity refe

Some Shortcuts of MS Word 2010.

Here are some of the short cuts for MS Word 2010. The basic shortcuts are the common one you know about. These are some of advanced commands you would like to explore about. Short cut Function Shift+F3 Changes the case of letters Shift+F5 Move to the last change Shift+F6 Go to the previous pane or frame (after pressing F6) Shift+F7 Choose the thesaurus command Shift+F8 Reduce the size of selection Shift+F9 Switch between a field code and its results Ctrl+Shift+F3 Insert a selection or block Ctrl+Shift+F8 and then press an arrow key Extend a selection or block Ctrl+Shift+F9 Unlink a field Ctrl+Shift+F11 Unlock a field Ctrl+Shift+E Turn change tracking on or off Alt+Shift+K Preview a mail merge Alt+Shift+N merge a document Alt+Shift+M Print the merged document